The New Book by Marie Diaz, Author
IF You Knew You Could Not Fail, What Would You Do?

In Survival, There is No Choice

By Marie Diaz

I wrote this book with the intent to help others achieve a higher degree of success in their lives, to give people proven methods, ideas, techniques and to empower others through the methodologies given in this book to find the resources necessary to achieve a higher degree of success in their lives. Not just in one area of life, but rather in all areas of their life including Financial, Family, Mental, Social, Physical, Spiritual and in their Career.

Realizing your true potential and awakening your inner strength that gives you the motivation to move forward is a key component to your personal perseverance towards success. It is also the number one resource afforded to you. As you read my book you will find solutions and answers to questions that you might have about what success is and what it means to you. Success is a very curious word because it means something different to everyone. Success also means something different at different points in your life.

Perhaps you know about what it means to you however you haven’t moved forward at the present time to act on your ideas. You may realize that some of the techniques may be something that you have thought about however didn’t quite know how to get started. You will also find new ideas that you can act on easily as you read each chapter and do the actions steps illustrated on this book. It is never too late to get started to a building a better you.

Realizing that the greatest power on earth is a concept or idea that can inspire you to be better then you are and then act on that motivation will drive you or derail you to becoming all that you want or can be. Inner motivation is what drives people; builds nations and as history tells us … it can even start revolutions. It can drive you to do the most extraordinary things that you could imagine; all you have to do is choose to take positive action towards your dreams.

Sound easy? For most of us, it most certainly is not. By reading this book I will take you on a journey towards realizing that the only person stopping you from accomplishing a higher degree of success in your personal life, your career, physically, mentally, socially, financially, spiritually, for your family … ultimately overall happiness in every area of your life, is no one else other than….yes, you are thinking it, YOU! We all have a personal story to tell. The life we live today is our story. We often forget that we are the ones creating and writing our own story. We create our story, each minute, each hour, each day, each week, each month and each year.

Most will blame their current circumstance or (their story) on their environment, the way in which they grew up, age, gender, money…or lack thereof, their parents, their supervisor, their spouse, their children, their dog or the infamous thought of “this is all I know, why change” or “this is the cards that were dealt to me”… so on and so on. You may be thinking of something or a cause or reason right now as to why you feel you are currently not happy with something that is going on in your life, your business world, your profession, your relationship, physically or financially. Keep that thought for now because what’s even more fabulous about creating our story is that we create the future and or you can change the direction in which your story is going to end.

Through this book you will find a path and step by step process that will work towards accomplishing things you never thought you could. I am often asked the question during speaking engagements and or interviews,” how did I accomplish all that I have in growing a successful business and raising three boys as a single mom?” I have to honesty say that I sometimes didn’t quite really know how to answer that question as I felt in my heart and in my thoughts, “how could I not do what I did.” I didn’t see that I had any choice other than to just roll up my sleeves and work with what life had given me. I had to change the path that I was on; I had to succeed for my family, my children for my own personal satisfaction, growth and at times… sanity …moreover personal serenity. In my mind, I had no other choice. My motivation in the beginning was my children. I wanted to give to them a better life then what I had experienced and what I thought I had at the time.

My story is one of many who like me have hunkered down and taken what life gave them and eventually turned it into a success story. When the odds were against them they persevered as there was no other choice in their mind to just take action and change the direction in which they were going to a direction that was far more successful than the current path that they were on. As you read my story and others that I have included in this book, you will find that through time I learned and used several techniques that enabled me to achieve a certain degree of success in my business and for me personally. From the outside looking in, the perspective might be that there was a choice and a path of least resistance that I could have taken however through my perspective these techniques were a form of survival not a choice. I had to change my story or I would wake up one day saying to myself in the end, how did I end up this way or worse and“ why didn’t I make changes earlier in life when I had the opportunity.”

As a learned Entrepreneur I live by my personal motto: “Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it and “you are an occasion, so rise to it.” It’s these phrases and many more that I learned from my mother and other people that I hold very dear to my life. Today, I thank God every day for all my life experiences that was given to me as I wouldn’t be who I am today without the good, bad and the ugly. I can also say however that all the while I was going thru the struggles that life presented that these positive thoughts most certainly was not what I thought of at the time. It takes patience and positive practice to work though life’s many curve balls that it seems to give you. But like any good baseball player hitting at a curve ball hit just right or if you hit it dead on, you can knock it right out of the park.

Through this book I will communicate and offer tools, techniques as words of wisdom that will inspire the professional that reads this book how to achieve a higher degree of success in your business and that of those with whom want to experience a higher degree of success in their personal life this book with its words of wisdom, methodologies, techniques and action steps to take that will be given to you, will guide you to write your personal story and play it out successfully just the way you want it and ultimately achieving what you want in life.

The idea is to practice these tools in every area of your life spiritually, family, financially, professionally, physically, mentally and personally so that all areas of your life run successfully simultaneously. This is what I call the wheel of life. Your personal wheel which has seven spokes in it. All of us have a wheel just some choose to work on one spoke more than the other. Many act different in different areas as well. One might be more goal-oriented in their career; however, in their family they are not. One might be very outgoing in their personal life however not in their professional life. To become one person not living several different roles played out in different areas is also key as building continuous habits will only benefit you long term.

These techniques, tools and methodologies by which I used and have given to you in this book will guide you down a personal journey towards inspiring you to achieve a higher degree of success impacting yourself, your family and others should you choose to do so. I use these techniques personally to coach and train business owners, executives and individuals all around the world. I use them personally and professionally as an owner of a Human Resources and Organizational Development consultancy firm, for my employees, and my clients. Moreover, to learn to grow positively and to take action is one of the many lessons that have formed me as a learned industrious student of life.

Take the ideas, techniques and methodologies and personalize them to use as your personal tool box for success and more importantly use them towards building upon your personal story and your path towards future success. The stories in this book are real stories by which I and others have used during our own personal journey towards success. We all have a story to tell; the difference in our story is how we used what life gave us and how we used our experience to build our success.

I pray that this book will give you some nuggets and will serve as a foundational resource that will inspire you to achieve a higher degree of success so that you can start creating your story and to develop your god given talents.

We all have a story of the past by which has given us points of reference to look upon as a baseline and learning, we have a present story that tells us where we are today and where we are headed however more importantly it is up to you to build your future story as you have the ability to build your future just the way you want it to be no matter your age, ethnicity, gender and or how much money you have. “You either both build and plan your life or you will wake up one day and your life has built and planned you.”

Yesterday is history as you cannot change it, tomorrows is a mystery unless you build it… while today is a gift …..That is why they call it “The Present.” Start today and write your story just the way you want it.

With God’s blessing,



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